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It’s Pride Month, but where are all the lesbians?
Legal Geek - 27/06/2022

The legal tech and law firm world has got its quest to open up the sector to more diverse people well underway. There is a growing realisation (some might even call it part of The Great Realisation), however, that simply changing your logo to a rainbow for Pride Month and saying on your website that you strive for diversity may not be enough to actually move the dial in practice on who joins the profession and how firms feel to diverse people within them. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, we know that employees across the world are voting with their feet if they don’t feel their values are truly reflected in their organisation so now more than ever employers are focused on creating tangible and lasting cultural change.

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The Summer of Law
Legal Geek - 08/06/2022

This summer, Legal Geek is heading over the pond to North America, looking to bring people together, creating a sense of community and a positive change on the legal industry. 

As a symbol of peace, love, art and community, our friend and Partner of Legal Geek, Jason Moyse, is heading off on an adventure to kick start our North American tour, travelling with his recently discovered passion, otherwise known as a Honda CV500 cc. Having been on both sides of the legal world for over 20 years, for the past ten years, Jason has been involved in the innovation space around legal, hence his world colliding with ours back in 2016. 

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Student and Junior Lawyer LawTech Fair
Legal Geek - 01/06/2022

Key information

Date: Wednesday 6th July 2022

Time: 4.00 – 8.00pm BST

Location: The University of Law, Moorgate, 2 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8HQ

Free event open to students from all Universities and junior lawyers from all firms

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Behind the scenes at Legal Geek
Legal Geek - 31/05/2022
Behind the Scenes at Legal Geek

We thought it was about time we peeled back the curtain at Legal Geek and let you know what we have been busy doing behind the scenes, what makes us tick and how we’re making our events the best they can be for you. We’ve been busy bees, from celebrating our birthday to setting up our own events consultancy. But first, and some might argue the most importantly, coffee.

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Overview: Virtual Singapore Trade Mission to Singapore
Legal Geek - 14/04/2022
Trade Mission 2022

On 28-31 March 2022, Legal Geek hosted a Virtual Trade Mission to Singapore led by the Department of International Trade (DIT) in collaboration with Barclay’s Eagle Labs. The mission’s purpose was to bring together organisations from the UK and Singapore, creating a space for a free exchange of ideas and innovations following the signing of the UK-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement (UKSDEA).

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Thomson Reuters Takeover Event
Legal Geek - 04/04/2022

An online event packed with short, sharp talks on the latest in legal technology – all powered by Thomson Reuters and Legal Geek.

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Virtual Trade Mission to Singapore
Legal Geek - 25/02/2022
Trade Mission

The Department for International Trade (DIT) welcomes innovative UK companies in Lawtech and Professional Services to participate in a virtual trade mission to Singapore.

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Finding a better way to Support SEND Kids
Legal Geek - 24/01/2022

Finding a better way to Support SEND Kids

Legal Geek chats with Janvi Patel, co-founder of the charity Support SEND Kids. Meet Janvi and hear about the initiative here!

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How can law firms prepare for better mental health practices?
Legal Geek - 09/12/2021
Mental Health

How can law firms prepare for better mental health practices post-pandemic?

Have you recognised the signs of cabin fever during lockdown? You’re not alone. We have been speaking to some experts about this and what can be done to combat it in your business.

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Legal Tech: how law firms are addressing the ESG challenge
Legal Geek - 07/12/2021
ESG Blog

What is good art? No simple answer can be given to that question because individual responses are subjective and consensus views change over time. The same could well be true of questions about ESG: originally developed in the investment community, this acronym for environmental, social and governance issues may now be universally recognised, but how these issues are perceived by different organisations and a consensus view on what they mean in practice remain in a constant state of flux.

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