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30+ Speakers for Legal Geek North America
Jack - 16/04/2019
Legal Geek North America

We have announced the first 30 speakers for our inaugural Legal Geek North America conference taking place on 25th June in New York.

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LawTech – The Teenage Years
Jack - 16/04/2019
Teenage Years

LawTech is going through it’s teenage years. So with a panel of holistic thinkers from our network, we’ve taken a look at where changes could, and even should, occur.

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Breaking into America: 5 British start-up stories
Jack - 11/04/2019
Legal Geek North America - the startup journey

As we build-up towards the Legal Geek North America conference on June 25th, we spoke to 5 UK legal businesses (ourselves included) who all have wide-eyed optimism about US LegalTech in 2019.

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How much is invested in Law Tech?
Jack - 05/03/2019
LawTech to the Moon

Of the 257 LawTech start-ups and scale-ups on the Legal Geek Start-Up Map, how many have received investment in the past 6 years – and to the tune of how much?

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Inside Legal Geek’s Start-Up Map
Jack - 13/02/2019
Harry Beck

This article seeks to answer any questions you may have about the Legal Geek Start-Up Map – and to explain the methodology behind our new design.

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5 things you need to know about Cybersecurity
Jack - 04/02/2019

Bryn Norton from CenturyLink tells Legal Geek why cybersecurity is as important as locking your front door.

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How To Innovate Without Technology
Jack - 30/01/2019

Richard Mabey from Juro tells Legal Geek how to innovate without technology.

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