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The Best of Ben
Legal Geek - 08/06/2022
Blog Post - Ben Chiriboga

Hello there Legal Geeks – Ben Chiriboga here!


In writing my Legal Tech Growth Weekly newsletter, I find lots of amazing best links, tips, articles and jobs from around the world of Legal Tech (and a few from outside). 


My goal has always been to share those resources with as many people as possible. So when Legal Geek approached me to do something together, of course I said yes. 


Tune in every month, where I’ll be curating the best of the best from my meanderings in the Legal Tech world. Thanks again to the Legal Geek team for the great opportunity. Let’s get started!

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Physical and Mental Health
Legal Geek - 09/05/2022
Mental Health - open water swimming

Everyone knows where the first aid kit can be found in the office when someone’s physical health is affected, but what about when we have, or discover one of our colleagues is having poor mental health? All human beings have both physical and mental health, and like having a headache one day, you can experience poor mental health the next.

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Legal Geek North America – what to expect
Legal Geek - 02/05/2022

Legal Geek North America is next month (June 2022).  This page is to help ticket holders make the most of the event and have an inspiring, fun-packed experience!

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Five years on: Where are they now?
Legal Geek - 09/02/2022
Blog Post - 5 Years On

Legal Geek takes a trip down memory lane, visiting our first-ever Legal Geek Conference in 2016 and the companies that graced our Startup Alley Where are they now five years down the road?

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Rogue contracts: what they are, why it happens
Legal Geek - 06/07/2021

So, what is rogue contracting, and why does it happen?

To put it simply, rogue contracting is when internal business partners negotiate their terms but leave legal and their processes out of the picture. But why does this happen?

“These ‘business vigilantes’, as we might call them, may circumvent legal mainly because they may perceive them as this tower of ‘No'”, says Sara. “They may want to do it themselves, whether it’s out of urgency, ease, or they’re just a renegade—who knows”. 

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Jimmy’s Pro-Tips – Legal Geek North America!
Legal Geek - 20/06/2021

Tomorrow is the Legal Geek North America Conference (Tuesday June 22nd) and we wanted to share some pro-tips to help you make the most of your time at the event! The first thing to note is this event is only four hours long and we have created the Legal Geek Pledge – if you invest at least 90 minutes you will learn five new things and make five new friends!

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Data and diversity: law firms must adapt to survive
Legal Geek - 08/06/2021

They are among the most critical challenges facing every law firm – data and diversity. In addressing them, two existential questions arise: how can law firms master the enormous quantity of data at their disposal and make it integral to what they do; and how should they incorporate diversity into their culture so that it defines who they are. 

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