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Melbourne – #LGRoadTrip ’18
Legal Geek - 07/06/2018

Following our meetups in Moscow & Singapore we have now made it all the way ‘Around the World’ to Australia, with our first stop here being Sydney.

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#TBT #LGRoadTrip with Rick, Co Founder of LegalThings
Legal Geek - 13/03/2018

Another video from the Amsterdam stop of our European Road Trip in 2017, we met Rick Schmitz, one of the Co-Founders at  Legal Things, where they are digitalising the work environment.

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Favourite Moments from 2017 Conference
Legal Geek - 25/01/2018

The Legal Geek Conference was amazing and even trended on Twitter with over 11,000,000 impressions! That’s a lot of love for LawTech. Register for tickets for the Legal Geek Conference from 1st February.

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Dan Garrett, co-founder at Farewill chats to Legal Geek
Legal Geek - 25/01/2018

We interviewed startups on the startup alley at the Legal Geek Conference, hear about Farewill from the co-founder Dan Garrett at the 2017 Legal Geek Conference where Farewill announced they were the biggest Will writer in the UK.

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Start-up culture still prevailing at RAVN Systems after iManage acquisition
Legal Geek - 22/11/2017

iManage’s acquisition of RAVN Systems has been one of biggest LegalTech stories of the year to date. With the deal, announced in May, being widely hailed as an example of AI climbing another step higher in it’s coming-of-age process.

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BETA Launch – Legal Geek Noticeboard
Legal Geek - 16/11/2017

We often get requests to help connect people looking for X or Y so at the 2017 Legal Geek Conference we created a meeting place where you could post adverts to meet people. After the conference we have created a virtual version: Legal Geek Noticeboard

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Legal Geek of the Week: Fredrik Svärd
Legal Geek - 15/11/2017

Sweden is not yet a European powerhouse for LegalTech. Yet the country can already lay claim to fostering one of LegalTech’s most ardent proponents: Fredrik Svärd.

A LegalTech fan first and foremost, Svärd is barging his way into the consciousness of the LegalTech scene in Europe because, well, he just really likes LegalTech.


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Is LegalTech a dot-com-style bubble?
Legal Geek - 13/11/2017

No, no it’s not, says Rob Wilmot:

Crowdicity founder and CEO Rob Wilmot was the first speaker at this year’s Legal Geek Conference, and shared his thoughts on the importance of harnessing the innovation of individuals within companies as well as the unusual path he took to becoming one of the youngest executive officers of a FTSE 100 company, Freeserve, at the turn of the Millennium.

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Breaking the glass ceiling for Women in Law
Legal Geek - 23/10/2017

Front and centre of the Legal Geek conference 2017 was the Women in Law Tech panel featuring Somya Kaushik, the CEO of EsqMe; Katherine Ainley, the CEO of Tikit, Christina Blacklaws, the Director of Innovation at Cripps LLP, and Dana Denis-Smith, the CEO of Obelisk.

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