Disrupting Legal Industry Meetup – ‘Blockchain WTF’
Date: 11th April | Time: 18.30 - 22.00

As part of the Legal Geek ‘Disruptive Tech Meetup’ series, sponsored by Axiom, we are planning a Meetup to demystify ‘Blockchain WTF’.

To improve our attendee rate and allow us to provide drinks and food at this event we ask attendees to make a donation to attend. To keep this event as accessible as possible we have set a minimum to £1 + fees.

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  • Date: 11th April 2017
  • Time: 18.30 – 22.00
  • Full agenda TBC

We have TED talk style speakers from across the profession including:

Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax a blockchain-based platform for micro-contracting.

Casey Kuhlman Profile

Prior to cofounding Monax, Casey was the head of legal information systems at the US Open Data Institute. A lawyer and international development practitioner for nearly a decade, Casey has worked extensively in the Horn of Africa, including cofounding the first law firm in Somaliland. Casey has also been a New York Times bestselling author, an infantry officer in the Marines, and is an avid participant in open source software development.

Other speakers to be announced early 2018 include:

  • Magic Circle Firm expert on Blockchain
  • Leading University Professor on Blockchain

We expect this event to sell out. Please register early above to avoid disappointment.

The venue for this event is near Old Street and will be revealed to ticket holders the month of the event. If you would like to be involved as a speaker or startup please email: hello@legalgeek.co

Program and date subject to change without notice. By attending this event you agree to our Ethos and Code of Practice. More: www.legalgeek.co/our-ethos/



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