Road Trip 2017: Paris Meetup
26.06.17 | 19.30
Photo of Paris with Eiffel Tower

We are super excited to announce a collaboration with Village de la LegalTech to organise a startup event in Paris. We will be hosting a drinks and networking event in Paris on Monday 26th June 2017 at Le Square.  To register for this event as a guest or speaker please complete this simple form

Update: you can now book a slot to be interviewed in our camper van before our event. Video interviews will be shared with our network of over 4,000 members. 

Legal Geek is excited to collaborate with NextLaw Labs to support the growing legal tech ecosystem in Europe. We are both committed to supporting start-ups that set out to transform the practice of law with technology. This collaboration will provide startups with access to insight from NextLaw Labs, one of the most established legal investment hubs, and Legal Geek, the largest community of LawTech startups. The super exciting part is that NextLaw Labs will provide travel grants for 20 LawTech Founders to come to the Legal Geek Conference, London 17th October 2017.

Oh yes and this event is free 🙂

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  • 19.30 – 20.00: Arrive and networking
  • 10 mn: Welcome and LegalTech intro (in French)
  • 5 mn: Portrait de la LegalTech française et des travaux en cours au sein de l’association OpenLaw à ce sujet.
  • 10 mn: Jimmy Vestbirk intro (in English), about the community.
  • 10 mn: NextLaw Labs: what they look for in a startup  (in English).
  • 20 mn: Pitchs de 4 LegalTechs sélectionnées par Village de la Justice et OpenLaw (en français).

Event schedule subject to change

How to get involved?


Legal Geek is a startup first community and we host events and conferences in London but we know there are some amazing LawTech startup across Europe, so in June 2017 Legal Geek will be touring Europe in our camper van to meet LawTech startups and share their stories.

Legal Geek Road Trip 2017