RegTech WTF?
Jack - 25/06/2018
RegTech WTF

It’s hard to place exactly when RegTech became it’s own ‘-tech’. Our resident tech terminologist Gary (who is a dog) places it at about the time FinTech went mainstream.

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Start-Up Tips: Incubators
Jack - 22/05/2018

Joining an incubator can deliver an instant and sustained dopamine hit to start-ups. It permits dreaming, fosters planning, and re-charges the emotional batteries of co-founders

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Start-up Tips: Scaling Up
Jack - 01/05/2018
Scaling Up

For early-stage start-ups, scaling up seems like tomorrow’s problem. But if all goes to plan, tomorrow will come, and it’s worth every bead of sweat getting the process absolutely right.

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#LegalTech v #LawTech – WTF?
Jack - 11/04/2018
LawTech or LegalTech

Do you say LawTech or LegalTech? Richard Susskind, Richard Tromans, Joanna Goodman and Jimmy Vestbirk debate which portmanteau is best for the legal technology sector.

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Legal Design WTF?
Jack - 22/03/2018

Legal design is one of those things which makes so much sense it’s incredible to think it’s a relatively new kid on the LawTech block. But it’s a growing movement within our industry with the potential to deliver enormous benefits not just to the to legal profession but to the everyday person when encountering the law.

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Hackathon WTF?
Jack - 19/02/2018
Online Courts Hackathon

Have you ever thought a ‘hackathon’ wasn’t for you, because you’re not a hacker? If so, then join the club. At Legal Geek, we hadn’t even heard of a hackathon before holding our first one in March 2016 but we’re now BIG fans.

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Jack - 01/02/2018
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

If you are launching a start-up today then these four letters: SEIS, are your new best friend.

Why? Because qualifying for SEIS (or the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) means your start-up becomes an even more attractive proposition to investors than it already was.

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Start-Up Tips: Pitching
Jack - 18/01/2018

Pitching is a vital component to achieving success as a start-up, so we thought we’d ask five law-gends what gets – and keeps – their attention.

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Blockchain WTF?
Jack - 10/01/2018

‘Blockchain’ is one of the biggest buzzwords in LegalTech. And this year, we predict it’s going mainstream. Everyone from May to Macron to Meghan Markle will be talking about it.

But what actually is it, and what does it mean?

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Pitching to Law Firms – Freshfields’ Golden Rules
Ondrej - 23/10/2017
Conference 2017: Freshfields Silent Disco

On the sidelines of the Legal Geek Conference 2017, we heard from Freshfields’ Ryan Taylor and Maziar Jamnejad on how start-ups can get a foot through the door with a law firm, and go on to build a working relationship.

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