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Legal Geek - 07/07/2017

London-based LawTech platform Linkilaw has acquired legal comparison site LawyerFair increasing the breadth and competitiveness of its legal services for start-ups and small businesses.  

Linkilaw was founded in 2015 to help start-ups complete their legal affairs in an affordable manner by connecting start-ups with pre-approved lawyers. The platform is free to use and only takes a fee when a business enlists a lawyer’s services through the platform.

The acquisition of Lawyer Fair – itself founded in 2014 – will allow Linkilaw to increase its pool of lawyers and expertise in niche sectors whilst offering more competitive pricing. Both companies feature on the Legal Geek Start-Up Map.

Linkilaw CEO, Alexandra Isenegger, said exclusively to Legal Geek:

“We’re really excited about the development of innovation in the law tech space. These last few years have turned the tide. We’ve seen this fostered and developed through the likes of the Legal Geek community. With the fascinating entrepreneurs focused on solutions that will change the face of legal work for many years to come, there’s no turning back. We at Linkilaw are honoured and privileged to be part of this ecosystem.”

Legal Geek Founder, Jimmy Vestbirk, said:

“It is a very interesting time for LawTech, the market place catergory is a competitive area. Seeing Linkilaw aquire Lawyer fair is the first indication we have had of consolidation in the market.  I wish both Alexandra and her team and Andrew Weaver good luck. 


About Linkilaw 

Linkilaw offers one-to-one online oral strategy session with legal specialists who create a detailed plan on what your startup needs right now and in the future stages of your development. You can then order Linkilaw’s customised contracts, or walk away with knowledge for the future. Find Linkilaw on the Start-Up Map.


About LawyerFair

LawyerFair is a legal comparison and procurement service dedicated to the commercial market which matches businesses (large and small) with good quality lawyers.

Find LawyerFair on the Start-Up Map.

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