iManage RAVN

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iManage RAVN is a cutting-edge AI platform that powers a number of applications to automatically organise, discover and summarise your documents. The iManage RAVN platform sets the pace of the market allowing all types of organisations to increase efficiency, increase productivity and mitigate risk.

RAVN Systems

Amount raised

Acquired by iManage in May 2017.

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Peter Wallqvist

Peter Wallqvist

Co-Founder & CEO Background:

Electrical Engineering.

Jan Van Hoecke

Jan Van Hoecke

Founder & CTO Background:

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Sjoerd Smeets

Sjoerd Smeets

Founder & COO Background:

Innovation Management.

Simon Pecovnik

Simon Pecovnik

Founder & Director Background:

Telecommunications, Computer Science and Informatics.

HQ: London, UK

Founded 2010

21-50 employees

Business Model: Subscription, Pay per Doc, Consulting

Target Market: Corporations and Law firms