4 Reasons You Need to Attend the Law for Good Conference

Aaaaand, it’s back! Our annual Law for Good Conference, a global event for legal charities to learn and network, is returning on the 29th of April 2021—and this time, we’re going virtual. 

Thanks to our sponsors Barclays Eagle Labs, DWF and the University of Law, we’ve curated a 2hr conference that’ll help you conceive, build and execute new tech solutions and become part of a thriving community with collaboration at its core. 

“The aim is to teach you skills and best practices from our world, which is marketing and tech”, says Jimmy Vestbirk, CEO at Legal Geek. “But we’ll also bring legal charities together with the idea of future, formal collaborations in mind.”

We’re talking short, snappy and sweet TED-style talks from the likes of Nicole Bradick, Founder at Theory and Principle, and plenty of networking opportunities to meet like-minded people facing the same challenges so that you don’t have to keep rebuilding the wheel alone.

So, whether you’re kickstarting your own legal charity, working as a pro-bono lawyer or part of a well-established organisation, this event is for you. Need more convincing? Stick around, and we’ll give you four extra reasons why you should grab a ticket and attend the Law for Good Conference.

1) You’ll get the best of both worlds.

So, we’ve already mentioned that the conference will focus on expanding your skills and networking—but what’s great is that our schedule offers a genuine 50/50 split.  

Before the pandemic, Law for Good was an in-person, jam-packed event with all-day talks led by legal charities, startups and advisors. But this year, we’re doing things a little differently—with 1 hour of short, snappy talks, 30 minutes of open mic and 1 hour of networking. 

You may be wondering how you’ll be networking during the conference. But don’t fret—Legal Geek is at the sharp end of the sector. We’ve already moved our flagship Legal Geek conference online last October, and we also supported the virtual International Bar Association (IBA) Conference for 12,000 people back in 2020. 

“We’ve learnt a lot in the past year about online networking and how to bring you together to have these conversations”, says Jimmy. “The networking tools will be easy, simple and accessible to use—just make sure you’re using Chrome as your web browser beforehand!” Watch this video to learn more:


2) It’s short, sweet and free!

Here at Legal Geek, we understand that time is one of your most valuable resources. That’s why our Law for Good Conference is just 4 hours long, and is broken down into four manageable parts:

  • An hour of short, TED-style talks
  • 30 mins of a facilitated networking session
  • 30 mins of open mic – your chance to tell the community what you’ve been up to
  • 30 mins of networking 

Oh, and did we mention it’s completely free? If that’s not enough for you to bag yourself a ticket, we don’t know what is!

3) You’ll learn from the best.

We’ve got seven fantastic industry experts lined up to offer you practical guidance, inspiration and insights into tech and marketing solutions—five of which are new faces with new stories and lessons. 

Leading our talks are Kirsten Maslen, Director of Market Development at Thomson Reuters; Joanne Hay, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Portfolio Director at Social Business Trust; David Boyd, Head of Pro Bono for UK & Ireland at Clifford Chance; Conan Hines, Legal Technologist at Clifford Chance; Sophie Walker, Founder at Just Access; Jules Fernandes, Founder at Shine; and Nicole Bradwick, Founder at Theory and Principle


4) You won’t get any FOMO.

Lastly, we’ve got FOMO. Now that’s something nobody wants. By booking a Law for Good Conference ticket, you can rest assured that you won’t have any fear of missing out. Why? Glad you asked.

Here at Legal Geek, we pride ourselves on bringing you a refreshing approach to solving any tech or marketing challenges you may be facing. 

“Our strong networks in the legal technology space and innovation space will give you access to high-profile industry leaders and practitioners that you wouldn’t usually come across”, says Jimmy. “The Legal Geek audience consists of real industry experts, so it’ll provide you with insights and networking opportunities that may be hard to come by.”

The Law for Good Conference will also take place within your work hours, no matter where you are in the world. For Europe, the conference will start at 2 pm (BST) on Thursday the 29th of April, and for New Yorkers, you can join us from 9 am (EDT). 

Our annual Law for Good Conference is on the 29th of April, at 2pm. Book your free ticket now! We hope to see you there, and stay tuned for another in-person conference in 2022!