Much has changed since the first Legal Geek event with 30 people eating pizza and drinking beer in the basement of a startup warehouse in San Francisco – yes we are a #cliche! Since then, with you always at the heart of it, Legal Geek has defined and redefined legal tech events, attracting thousands of law-gends from around the world.

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Meet the team

Jimmy Vestbirk

Jen Crick
Event Manager

Jack Zorab
Head of Content

Helen Gazzi
Co-Founder, Law for Good

Gary ‘Gaz’
Head of Security

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About Legal Geek

Legal Geek is a startup community with over 6,000 members. Our ‘Friends of Legal Geek’ are changing the legal profession forever. We organised the world’s first LawTech startup conference in October 2016 which doubled in size in 2017 with over 1,000 attendees from over 20 countries and even trended on Twitter! The 2018 Conference will have over 2,000 attendees from 37+ countries.

Our Ethos

  • Come to make friends, not to sell
  • Dress comfortably (please, please, no ties)
  • Come to learn and to teach.
  • Look after your fellow law-gends, you may need their help someday.
  • This is your community, please pitch in and help. You will be rewarded.

We work super hard to keep our events new and fresh, we don’t expect to get it right everytime, but we will learn quickly. If you have any feedback on what has or hasn’t worked please email us [details below].

Law for Good and Pro-bono [LawRocks! and Law Soc Netball and 7’s]

We have always had a strong social purpose and our not-for-profit ‘Law for Good‘ supports legal charities through events and training courses. We believe technology can be used to improve access to justice.

At our Conference, we partnered with the legendary LawRocks! to support charities including Mind. LawRocks! are bringing together 4 law firm bands at this year’s Conference. As of 2018, we became a pro-bono media partners at the Law Society Netball and 7’s tournament providing event support to help charities.


Event Partner of Barclays LawTech Eagle Lab

We are the event partner of Barclays’ a dedicated centre for legal technology entrepreneurs: the Eagle Lab in Notting Hill. The lab aims to help legal companies start-up and scale and will provide co-working space for up to 100 individuals.

Coolest things we have done…  

Video produced by our friends at Crafty Counsel.

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