Throughout 2021 we will continue our mission to have a positive impact on the legal profession by connecting, informing and inspiring! 2020 was a challenging year for everyone and we are proud that we connected so many of you virtually – in 2020 we organised Legal Geek North America (3,000 attendees), Uncertain Decade (with Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen), Legal Geek Conference (4,000 attendees) and Legal Geek supported the International Bar Association Conference (12,500 attendees).

Our next (and final) event in 2021 is the Legal Geek Conference.

Much has changed since the first Legal Geek event with 30 people eating pizza and drinking beer in the basement of a startup warehouse in San Francisco – yes we are a #cliche! Since then, with you always at the heart of it, Legal Geek has defined and redefined law tech events, attracting thousands of ‘law-gends’ from around the world.

We organised the world’s first LawTech startup conference in October 2016 which has doubled in size for three years running [500 > 1000 > 2000]. The Legal Geek Conference attracts attendees from 40 countries and has even trended on Twitter (twice). In 2020 we moved all of our events online and built a high level of expertise in online events and webinars. We custom built our own event platform and we now license this platform out to other event organisers. We also started a consultancy to help others move their events online and we are helping to organise the International Bar Association flagship conference in November. 

We push for greater diversity and awareness of mental health in the legal profession. Our women in LawTech meetup group was started in 2016 and we now run a Women in LawTech mentorship program. As of January 2019, we have matched 200+ mentors and mentees for this program from 8 countries. 

We are working hard to reduce waste, plastic and our environmental impact. You can follow our journey to going green.

We also have a separate ‘Law For Good‘ program to support legal charities and access to justice. We offer pro-bono event support as the media partner for the ‘Law Society Rugby 7’s and Netball tournament’. In 2017 we organised the first Online Courts Hackathon’ for the UK Government with Richard Susskind and SCL.

We are the event partner of Barclays Eagle Labs, a dedicated centre for legal technology entrepreneurs, in Notting Hill. The lab aims to help legal companies start-up and scale and will provide co-working space for up to 100 individuals.

We are proud to have joined 7,000 employers and become a London Living Wage Employer. This means that we pay our team and our freelancers a fair wage to meet their everyday needs working in London. 

This is part of our wider objective to help create an improved legal profession by leading by example.


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