The Legal Geek Startup Map is an overview of LawTech startups and scaleups live in Europe

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FAQs about the map

How do I get my legal startup on the map?

You will need to be a live law tech startup in Europe. If your startup is missing please complete this form: my startup is missing. Please note the map is a snapshot in time which is only updated periodically.

How do I report an error on the startup map?

Please complete this form to notify us of an error on the published map. We will do our best to fix errors in a timely manner, but please be patient with us.

How do I view the law tech startup map?

Scroll down on this page or click this quick link.

How is the legal tech startup map categorised?

We created a brand new LawTech Taxonomy for categorising startups, shown below. You can learn more about how we categorised legal businesses by reading this article about the process of mapping 250 startups.

How do I find out more about the legal startups?

This map is fully interactive. You can view a startup profile by clicking on the startup name within the map below. The profile tells you who the founders are and provides a brief summary of the company including staff numbers, where it’s headquartered, how much funding it’s raised, video and the latest social media posts about the company. You can also meet startups at the Legal Geek Conference.

How much money has been invested in LawTech?

£306 million (since 2012). Check out our long read on how much has been invested in LawTech over the past 6 years.

Who created the Legal Geek Startup Map?

The 2019 startup map was created by Jimmy Vestbirk & Abigail Connor and a panel of experts created the taxonomy and new categorisation.

Start-Up Map Panel

How many startups are on the map?

There are over 250 LawTech startups listed on the latest startup map. While the map is in BETA we are not providing an exact number while we update the map. Learn how we created the startup map.

Why did you change the design?

The new design uses straight lines which can continue to grow to an infinite length and will allow us to make changes to the map quicker. Our new edition reflects the growth of the start-ups and scaleups we track: it’s bigger, streamlined, and more grown-up. Learn more about the design of the startup map.

Can I download a copy of the startup map?

Yes, you will be able to soon. We are planning to release a download option of the startup map once we complete the BETA launch.

What are the scaleups?

They are live lawtech scaleups in Europe which have been running for ten years or less. Please note the map is a snapshot in time which is only updated periodically.

When will the startup map cover other areas of the world?

Great question. We are hoping to roll out the map to other areas of the world in the coming months and years.

BETA 2021 Legal Tech Startup Map

This map is a snap shot in time and was last updated in Q1 2021

Click on a startup below to view their profile or meet the startups in person at one of the Legal Geek Events

Managing the business
People & resources
Finance & Operations
Managing and performing work
Rights Management
Performing work
Documents & Contracts
Consumer services
Consumer Services
Legal practice management
Legal practice management
Legal spend management
Legal spend management
Time/Task recording & analysis
Time/Task recording & analysis
Business development
Business development
Client onboarding
Client onboarding
News and current awareness
News and current awareness
Case/records management
Case/records management
Practice management for in-house
Practice management for in-house
Project Management & Planning
Project Management & Planning
IP Filing
IP Filing

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