Attendee list scam alert

There is a common scam circulating in the events industry where emails are sent to companies offering to sell an “attendee list.” You can also learn more about this scam by searching the internet for “attendee list scam.”

We’re sorry for the inconvenience that these spammers cause you — we get these emails too! This article covers some useful info on what to look out for. 

The facts:

  • ** Legal Geek does not rent, share, or sell your email or physical address to any third parties **
  • Any third party offering to sell an attendee list is a scam
  • All our data is securely managed with industry-leading cybersecurity
  • The Trade Show News Network (TSNN) has conducted a full investigation into this scam with advice – read the TSNN investigation

What to look out for:

The spam email solicitations have a common theme:

  • The scammers gather publically available information to look more legitimate
  • They claim to have the attendee list from a specific show, list the demographic information they will share, sometimes indicate a fake number of contacts in the list, and offer to send pricing information
  • These emails are sent from a legitimate-sounding domain name, but they are not real people and do not have a live website. They use multiple domains for prospecting to get around spam filters
  • They usually target general email accounts, e.g. hello@ marketing@ email accounts

What to do:

If you have any concerns about an email you have received, or your data please contact: [email protected] (yes it’s .co).

We take protecting your data seriously, as a business we have passed Cyber Essentials and use encrypted data storage. Learn more by reading our privacy policy.

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