The intranet is dead!? Long live in the intranet!?
Legal Geek - 10/08/2022

The Covid pandemic threw into sharp focus how firms communicate with their employees and we started to embrace informal communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Yammer in earnest in our quest to remain connected through the enforced separations of the lockdowns. With this development in communication channels, businesses have been given the opportunity to reflect on whether they really need their more formal, stuffier intranets. Keeping your intranet fresh and well-maintained takes resource so it might be tempting to wonder whether you could leave the intranet throne empty (as the crown was loathe to do in 1422!) and live without it. Especially where there is a time-consuming and potentially expensive move to a cloud-based system on the horizon for many firms. This piece sets out some questions to ponder if you are grappling with this conundrum.

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The Best of Ben (July 2022)
Legal Geek - 02/08/2022
Blog Post - Ben Chiriboga

Hello there Legal Geeks – Ben Chiriboga here!


In writing my Legal Tech Growth Weekly newsletter, I find lots of amazing best links, tips, articles and jobs from around the world of Legal Tech (and a few from outside). 


My goal has always been to share those resources with as many people as possible. So when Legal Geek approached me to do something together, of course I said yes. 


Tune in every month, where I’ll be curating the best of the best from my meanderings in the Legal Tech world. Thanks again to the Legal Geek team for the great opportunity. Let’s get started!

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How is Legal Geek Supporting Ukraine?
Legal Geek - 29/07/2022

It is hard to fully comprehend what is happening in Ukraine, and our hearts go out to everyone who is being impacted.


Within the legal tech world, it has been incredible to see how many companies in Ukraine have continued to not only keep the lights on, delivering business as usual, but also go above and beyond when looking after their team on the ground.


At Legal Geek, a small UK business, it has been difficult to know how best to show our support. Upon reflection, we felt the most useful and practical way was to use our stage and event to raise awareness for businesses in Ukraine.

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Our big adventure across the pond
Legal Geek - 08/07/2022

Last month Legal Geek headed over the Atlantic for our North American Tour with the ambition to extend our ever-increasing community of individuals wanting to help each other within the legal innovation industry, as well as have lots of fun networking.


Although our hosting countries were not used to our style of events, we were extremely pleased with the positive feedback we got across the board.

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It’s Pride Month, but where are all the lesbians?
Legal Geek - 27/06/2022

The legal tech and law firm world has got its quest to open up the sector to more diverse people well underway. There is a growing realisation (some might even call it part of The Great Realisation), however, that simply changing your logo to a rainbow for Pride Month and saying on your website that you strive for diversity may not be enough to actually move the dial in practice on who joins the profession and how firms feel to diverse people within them. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, we know that employees across the world are voting with their feet if they don’t feel their values are truly reflected in their organisation so now more than ever employers are focused on creating tangible and lasting cultural change.

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The Summer of Law
Legal Geek - 08/06/2022

This summer, Legal Geek is heading over the pond to North America, looking to bring people together, creating a sense of community and a positive change on the legal industry. 

As a symbol of peace, love, art and community, our friend and Partner of Legal Geek, Jason Moyse, is heading off on an adventure to kick start our North American tour, travelling with his recently discovered passion, otherwise known as a Honda CV500 cc. Having been on both sides of the legal world for over 20 years, for the past ten years, Jason has been involved in the innovation space around legal, hence his world colliding with ours back in 2016. 

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