Azmul Haque: Legal Geek of the Week
Jack - 16/01/2018
Azmul Haque

Picture this: you’re less than a year into life as the Founder and Managing Director of a boutique law firm. Business is progressing well and recently you’ve been finding yourself with a couple of hours spare at the end of each day. So what do you do? Take up taekwondo, become a pub quiz regular, read Russian literature?

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Berlin: The boys from Streamlaw
Jen - 15/01/2018

In Berlin we met Benjamin Werthmann & Tamay Schimang from Streamlaw – Streamlaw are developing a software that combines efficient workflows, flexible and secure working in the cloud and a seamless connection of communication, document management and knowledge management.

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Amsterdam: Legal Geek chats to Visual Contracts
Jack - 11/01/2018

In Amsterdam we met Lieke Beelen from Visual Contracts – a platform facilitating lawyers and designers in improving access to justice in a more human-friendly way. 🙂

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Blockchain WTF?
Jack - 10/01/2018

‘Blockchain’ is one of the biggest buzzwords in LegalTech. And this year, we predict it’s going mainstream. Everyone from May to Macron to Meghan Markle will be talking about it.

But what actually is it, and what does it mean?

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Helen Gazzi: Legal Geek of the Week
Jack - 04/01/2018
Helen Gazzi - Law for Good Manager

Legal Geeks, we find, come in varied forms, from many different backgrounds. But this week’s Legal Geek of the Week, Helen Gazzi, represents the biggest outlier we’ve featured so far.

Yes, she’s one of our own as the Legal Geek Law for Good Manager – but she’s so much more than that.

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Legal Geek’s 9 Life Hacks To Smack January In The face
Jack - 02/01/2018

Welcome back to January. We’ve all been here before, and it’s still as tough as ever. Except, things are about to get a little bit better thanks to Legal Geek’s 9 Life Hacks To Smack January In The FaceLegal Geek’s life hacks range from the ridiculous to the genuinely life-enhancing, thanks to contributions from David Bushby and Nick Watson 🙂

We hope they help you make it through January. 

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