How to: Optimise your LinkedIn
Jack - 19/02/2018

LinkedIn is a vital platform for any start-up to be on. But how to get the most out of it? We spoke to LinkedIn Account Director Rose Lowrie for her top tips.

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Hackathon WTF?
Jack - 19/02/2018
Online Courts Hackathon

Have you ever thought a ‘hackathon’ wasn’t for you, because you’re not a hacker? If so, then join the club. At Legal Geek, we hadn’t even heard of a hackathon before holding our first one in March 2016 but we’re now BIG fans.

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Anthony Rose, Founder of SeedLegals chats to Legal Geek
Jack - 15/02/2018
Anthony Rose

Hear about SeedLegals from Founder and CEO Anthony Rose speaking at the 2017 Legal Geek Conference.

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Lawyers Who Code: The Partner-turned-Coder
Jack - 14/02/2018

In our new series Legal Geek is speaking to Lawyers Who Code about why and how they went about it, what the benefits have been to them and how long would it take to re-create the matrix (OK, so we didn’t ask that last one). First up is Alejandra Figueiras…

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#TBT World’s First Blockchain Trade Finance Deal
Jack - 12/02/2018
Wave power first Blockchain trade finance deal

“Blockchain is actually the most inefficient database other than a note book. We believe blockchain should be used only when all other technologies have failed.”

These are the words of Gadi Ruschin, the CEO of Wave – the very same Wave which powered the world’s first blockchain trade finance transaction back in 2016.

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Max Heck: Legal Geek of the Week
Jack - 05/02/2018

Make no mistake, we are MASSIVE fans of London’s LegalTech scene but even we are ready to admit that the story of Appjection would have been unlikely to take place on these shores…

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