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Autto is an easy-to-use office automation platform for legal departments, law firms and professional services. The platform breaks down processes into configurable Lego-like building blocks called actions, linking these actions allows users to build automated workflows for routine tasks.

The online platform is designed for ease of use, enabling users to be creating their own workflows within one hour.  Autto can be used to automate a wide variety of processes including legal documents, approval procedures, standard emails. Once published workflows can be run on both mobile and desktop browsers.

Autto benefits legal departments by allowing them to operate more efficiently with fewer errors.  It is currently being used internationally by law firms to meet increasing client expectations; enable faster service delivery times, support alternative billing models and to help their lawyers to achieve a better work-life balance.

Since Autto is a secure online platform, there is no software to install.  The minimum requirements for use are, a modern browser to build workflows and a recent browser to run them.  Autto offers a free plan and various plans based on usage volume.

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Ian Gosling

Ian Gosling

Founder Background:

Business and Psychology.

Max Cole

Max Cole

Founder Background:

Law and Modern Languages.

Krisztián Kerék

Krisztián Kerék

Founder Background:
Software Development and Computer Engineering.

HQ: London, UK

Founded 2016

1-10 employees

Business Model: Subscription

Target Market: Law Firms, Corporations