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FRisk is a cloud-based software service designed for clients of Financial Advisors and Will Writers, as well as individuals, who have yet to make proper arrangements for their families in the event of their death or mental incapacity. FRisk takes information from the user and immediately generates a personalised interactive report telling them what would have happened had they died or lost capacity yesterday.

FRisk covers everything from your estate distribution, inheritance tax liability, predicted funeral costs, guardianship & more – it even flags parental responsibility issues in the case of unmarried fathers. FRisk Reports effectively create ‘mortality momentum’; having identified the specific risks, FRisk then recommends and connects users to our panel of vetted service providers.

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Martin Holdsworth

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Sandro Forte

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HQ: Harrogate, UK

Founded 2018

1-10 employees

Target Market: Law Firms, Will Writers, Financial Advisors and Consumers