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Casedo helps you make sense of documents. It’s a dedicated environment for seamlessly bringing together groups of interrelated documents. Documents can be reordered, linked, bookmarked and annotated in a single searchable environment.
Casedo is for you if you use multiple tabs on a PDF reader. It’s for you from the moment you need to organise documents into a single coherent whole. It’s for you from the moment you need to create an argument of a diverse group of documents.

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Ross Birkbeck

ross birkbeck

Co-Founder and CEO/CTO Background:

Inventor, Video, Law.

Jim Hitch

Jim Hitch

Co-Founder and COO Background:

Business, Operations, Governance.

George Harris

George Harris

Co-Founder Background:

Engineering, Marketing, Software.

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson

Co-Founder and CFO Background:

Finance, Investment, Theatre.

HQ: London, UK

Founded 2017

1-10 employees

Business Model: Unannounced

Target Market: Barristers, Solicitors and Paralegals