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Doctrine is a legal research and analytics software for legal professionals, law firms, companies, and individuals to search through the law, manage their cases, and grow their businesses. Their platform uses the latest AI technologies to analyse court decisions and provide deep insights and data analytics solutions.

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Amount raised

Named investors

The Investors are Thibault Viort, Florian Douetteau, Oleg Tscheltzoff and Xavier Niel. The Ventures are the following:

otium capital
kima ventures
the family

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Nicolas Bustamante

Nicolas Bustamante

Founder & CEO Background:

Law and Economics.

Raphaël Champeimont

Raphaël Champeimont

Founder & CTO Background:

Maths and Statistics.

Antoine Dusséaux

Antoine Dusséaux

Founder & CDO Background:

Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurship.

HQ: Paris, France

Founded 2016

50+ employees

Category: Legal Research

Business Model: Subscription

Target Market: Law Firms, Legal Professionals, Individuals, Companies