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TrademarkNow provides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform that is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark search and watch results.


Amount raised

Named Investors

Balderton Capital
Karma Ventures
Lifeline Ventures
Finnvera Venture Capital

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Mikael Kolehmainen

Mikael Kolehmainen

Co-Founder & CEO Background:

Law (Contracts, Commercial).

Heikki Vesalainen

Heikki Vesalainen

Co-Founder & Chief Architect Background:

Computer Science.

Matti Kokkola

Matti Kokkola

Co-Founder & CTO Background:

Software Engineering and Management.

Anna Ronkainen

Anna Ronkainen

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Background:


HQ: Helsinki, Finland

Founded 2012

21-50 employees

Business Model: Subscription

Target Market: Corporations, Law Firms