Legal Geek Code of Conduct

Legal Geek is a community, and our events should be a fun place for everyone to enjoy.
All participants at our events must follow these guidelines, so we maintain a safe and collaborative environment.

The Legal Geek Ethos:

  • Come to make friends, not to sell

  • Dress comfortably – ideally, no ties

  • Come to learn and to teach

  • Look after your fellow law-gends, you may need their help someday

  • This is your community, please pitch in and help. You will be rewarded

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Be respectful and inclusive. Treat everyone with dignity, regardless of age; gender; marriage or civil partnership; pregnancy or maternity; disability; race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin; physical appearance; body size; neurodiversity; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation; or any other protected category.

  • Legal Geek is a welcoming and safe place, if asked to stop certain behaviours, do so immediately. 
  • We embrace a laid-back dress code to create a comfortable atmosphere for all. People should feel safe in their bodies and identities. We do not enforce a dress code, if you are more comfortable in a tie that is fine by us.

  • Be reasonable! If drinking, do so responsibly. Enjoy yourself, but make sure others are enjoying themselves as well.
  • Embrace diverse perspectives and experiences as opportunities for learning.

  • We’re here to share knowledge and grow. Recognise and celebrate the expertise and contributions of all members of the community.

  • If you or someone else is being harassed, please notify our staff at the registration desk (contact info below)
  • We expect all attendees to follow our guidelines at our conferences and at any official or unofficial conference-related social/side events.

How to report something or get advice: