Jimmy’s Pro-Tips – Legal Geek North America!

Tomorrow is the Legal Geek North America Conference (Tuesday, June 22nd) and we wanted to share some pro-tips to help you make the most of your time at the event! The first thing to note is that this event is only four hours long. The second thing is that we have created the Legal Geek Pledge – if you invest at least 90 minutes you will learn five new things and make five new friends!

The Tech

If you have registered to attend you can access our event platform using your email address. Not registered yet? No problem. Signup free. Please use Chrome as your browser and if you are having trouble, check our support centre or use the live chat on the bottom right of the website. 

When you are signed in to the platform you can save items into a personalised agenda, by using the star on the right hand side. 


Don’t miss these sessions!

Hear about AstraZeneca’s data-centric journey!

Learn how Astra Zeneca’s investment in Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (RAIR) data is delivering knowledge graphs that combine structured and unstructured data to improve clinical research and deliver medicine to patients faster!

9.10am EST (2.10pm BST)


Do US State Bars matter?

Crispin Passmore is a Legal Geek favorite speaker. He will be delivering a review of attempts to modernise the regulation of the practice of law in the US. Expect applause for Arizona and Utah, cautious optimism about several others and a gentle poke at those that resist.

9.50am EST (2.50pm BST)


Captain No-code and the Quest for Superpowers

This interactive session is legal innovation as you’ve never seen it before! Join our speakers as they embark on a journey through Slowville – the city consumed by manual, time-intensive tasks – to find and unlock superpowers. Last week we did a rehearsal for this session and this flyer says it all.

10.00am EST (3.00pm BST)


A Recipe for Successful Change Initiatives

Everyone loves a cooking show, but we won’t ruin the surprise! “Chefs” Stephanie Corey and Susan Hackett will break down the strategic and operational steps necessary to visioning and then implementing a change project. Susan’s Shakin’, Steph’s Bakin’.

11.00am EST (4.00pm BST)


A Conversation with Rob Chesnut author of Intentional Integrity

Rob Chesnut is the former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb and author of Intentional Integrity. Silicon Valley expert Rob will deliver a process for leaders to foster and manage a culture of integrity at work. It’s time for a transformation in how business gets done, and Intentional Integrity provides the essential, proactive, ethical course of action businesses worldwide are craving.

11.20am EST (4.20pm BST)



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