Lawyers Who Code: Jules Bayon De Noyer

Jules Bayon De Noyer

Jules Bayon De Noyer is a French law and economics student studying at Université Paris Nanterre. He is currently based in Hong Kong working for start-up law firm which specialises in business and IT law.

How long have you been able to code for?

Only three months! I started whilst working on a project about Smart Contracts and  I decided to follow a computer science course this year in order to keep developing those skills. I can code in CMACC and Java Script.

What obstacles did you encounter when learning to code?

I can be very impatient. At times I thought very hard about restarting everything from zero because something went wrong at the beginning, or I got extremely frustrated not understanding why something in my code didn’t work. But I was thankful I was able to meet people who helped me understand and improve my code.

From your experience, do you think lawyers gain an advantage by being able to code?

I am pretty sure they do! In my opinion lawyers of tomorrow need to be cyber lawyers. Using technology effectively, lawyers could spend less time on low-value tasks and focus on high-value ones. For instance, instead of spending much time reviewing documents, they could focus on advising their clients or representing them in court.

What crossover skills are there between lawyering and coding?

I think the master crossover skills between lawyering and coding are rigour and creativity in getting to your objectives in the most efficient, simplest way possible.

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