Legal Geek North America

What to expect at Legal Geek North America

Legal Geek North America is next month (June 2022). This page is to help ticket holders make the most of the event and have an inspiring, fun-packed experience! Remember to add the events to your calendar – New York | Chicago.

You will need a ticket to attend, if you’ve not registered yet, secure your place and register free.

Remember to add the events to your calendar:

Date: Thursday June 16th (add to calendar)

Time: 4.30pm onwards

Venue: Sixth Floor Loft

Date: Tuesday June 16th (add to calendar)

Time: 4.30pm onwards

Venue: 1871

What is the Legal Geek ethos?

Legal Geek is all about having fun, making friends and learning new things.

We have defined a simple ethos for our events:

– Come to make friends, not to sell
– Dress comfortably (please, please, no ties)
– Come to learn and to teach
– Look after your fellow attendees, you may need their help someday
– This is your community, please pitch in and help

What is speed networking?

We want you to make new friends! During the speed networking, you will have a chance to meet 15 new people in 15 minutes! It’s high speed, high energy and high value!

What do I wear and what will I be eating?

We want you to be dressed comfortably, and we have no dress code. The only thing we ask is that you avoid wearing ties. In terms of food and drinks – expect local pizza places in Chicago and New York and a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including beers and wine.

Speakers and agenda

The agendas in New York and Chicago are slightly different but each event includes short TED-style talks, product pitches, speed networking, drinks and pizzas. The Toronto event is drinks-only. Check out the full agendas and speaker lineups for: New York, Chicago and Toronto.

Jeroen Plink
Co-Founder, LegatechHub (New York)
Haley Altman

Global Head of Corporate Development, Litera

Nikki Shaver
CEO and Co-Founder, Legaltech Hub (New York)
Nicole Bradick
Founder, Theory and Principle (New York)
Ben Chiriboga
Head of Growth, NEXL (Chicago)
Rose Devlin
UX Designer, Theory and Principle (Chicago)
Michael Grupp
Founder and CEO, Byrter (New York)
Zorik Pesochinsky
Global Client Director, Thomson Reuters (New York)
Tess Blair
Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius (New York)
April Brousseau
Director of R&D, Clifford Chance (New York)
COVID Safety
We have chosen well-ventilated venues and will ensure this event complies with all local rules and event best practices. Due to the fast-moving nature of COVID rules, we will be publishing our guidelines closer to the event date. The guidelines are likely to include things like proof of vaccine and mask wearing.