Legal Geek Road Trip 2017

Legal Geek run law tech startup events in London but we know there are some amazing LawTech startups across Europe. In June 2017 we will be travelling around Europe in a camper van to meet startups and share their stories.

We have met hundreds of LawTech startups across the world and we track them with our startup map. We think the UK is an amazing place to have a startup and we are travelling around Europe to find the most interesting startups. On this road trip we will be filming and interviewing startups from Europe. All the startups that we meet will be entered into a draw for a travel grant to the Legal Geek Conference (17th October 2017 Shoreditch, London).

Jimmy Vestbirk is the founder of Legal Geek, a community dedicated to changing the legal profession by inspiring, connecting and educating and we are organising events in:

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13th June

In collaboration with Dutch Legal Tech Meetup

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16th June

In collaboration with ELTA

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21st June

In collaboration with Brussels Legal Hackers

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26th June

In collaboration with  Village de la LegalTech

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27th June

Hosted at Thomson Reuters

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