Legal Geek’s 9 Life Hacks To Smack January In The face

Welcome back to January. We’ve all been here before, and it’s still as tough as ever. Except, things are about to get a little bit better thanks to Legal Geek’s 9 Life Hacks To Smack January In The FaceLegal Geek’s life hacks range from the ridiculous to the genuinely life-enhancing, thanks to contributions from David Bushby and Nick Watson 🙂

We hope they help you make it through January. 

1. We crawled 1000LifeHacks for some inspiration:


2. Try an alternative Dry January

An option to consider: Attempt the cracker challenge every day (e.g. eating two crackers in 60 seconds without drinking any water)

  • Famously difficult and highly likely to end in failure (giving you common ground with those attempting the conventional Dry January).

3. Work from a bar / pub

Healthy and austere intentions in January can make it a quiet month for pubs and bars with free wifi. Legal Geek will be capitalising by visiting them more as they offer a legitimate way of finding a quiet space and getting your head down. Don’t expect to queue at the bar, time is money! 

4. Banish Blue Monday

It’s supposedly the most depressing day of year, and in 2018 Blue Monday falls on 15 January. But don’t let this day get you down – prepare for it by brushing up on its bogus origins so you can cheer up your colleagues with a well-timed “actually it’s a load of nonsense.”

5. Try a mindfulness app

 Submitted by Lexoo Australia’s David Bushby

Your New Year’s resolutions are off to a poor start, there’s no daylight after 4pm and your boss is hounding you for those overdue TPS reports; you may be a little stressed this month.

Hit the SOS button on the Headspace app and it will save you.

6. Go skiing on the cheap (-er)

 Submitted by Lexoo Australia’s David Bushby

If meditation isn’t your thing, try a different sort of spirituality. Track incoming snow dumps with this app, locate a random, non-famous resort in France/Italy and fly to a high-frequency airport nearby on a cheaper fare. Make the rest of your journey by car and before you know it you’ll be chilling on the slopes. 

7. Start an art gallery in your own home

 Submitted by Lexoo Australia’s David Bushby

So your kids are driving you crazy by drawing on the wall with those crayons they got for Christmas? Take a lead from these parents and you won’t see your kids as vandals anymore, but as true artists.

8. Beef up your tech

 Submitted by Lexoo Australia’s David Bushby

I’m a big fan of inbox zero. And like many lawyers, I’m OCD when it come to filing emails.

But there’s always a cheeky handful of messages that stubbornly squat in my inbox, refusing to be tucked away into a file or archive – things like important tasks, follow-ups, invoices to pay, flight itineraries etc.

Until now.

Here’s a super neat tool called up FollowUpThen to clear out your inbox, set reminders and follow-ups.

9. Inbox by Google

Submitted by Ruby Datum’s Nick Watson

Inbox by Google is the biggest improvement since spam filtering. My e-mails are now automatically organised into categories and grouped together, with key information shown ‘at a glance’ with amazing accuracy. Beyond this, e-mails now become tasks – and I am able to mark them ‘done’ either individually or in bulk, optionally snoozing to a date, time and/or location that I know is more appropriate to deal with it.


Happy January,

Love the Legal Geek Team 🙂