New venture: Hyperscale Group

Derek Southall is launching a new venture that will provide a range of services to in house legal teams in relation to innovation, digital, futures, strategy, and technology.

Hyperscale Group, founded by Derek Southall, has the support of Gowling WLG, who will use Hyperscale Group as a vehicle to drive forward strategic projects. Derek has been a partner at Gowling WLG for the past 18 years but has stepped down from this position to pursue his new venture in full. He will however remain integrated into aspects of Gowling WLG’s business for several days each week.

Alongside its work with Gowling WLG, Hyperscale Group will be looking to support other businesses such as software companies, start-ups, venture capitalists, and other professional services firms.

Derek – whose credentials as a legal innovator have been recognised by the Financial Times newspaper who named him as one of the three most innovative lawyers in the UK – commented:

“We are living in a fast-moving dynamic market undergoing unprecedented change. We have debated long and hard how to best tackle the new challenges we see emerging. We came to the conclusion that launching a new type of company was the right way to support our clients and to act as an active agent of change, with multiple influences. A company which could help people navigate through the challenges of the next few years, especially clients in a way which helps the market evolve in the way it needs to.

“Having spent 20 years operating in this space (technology, efficiency, KM/data, innovation, digital, systems and operating models for in house legal teams), and as a former private equity lawyer, I have seen the legal market from many different angles. I have a real hunger and enthusiasm to help Gowling WLG and the industry succeed. I also feel it is my chance to give something back after 25 years operating in a great market-place and firm.”