Lawyers Who Code: The LegalTech-preneur (interview)
Jack - 18/04/2018
Lawyers Who Code

Taron Khajotia is the founder of Jus Eq (, an early-stage mobile-optimised practise management suite for lawyers. He started learning to code 6 months ago when he couldn’t find the necessary business tools for Jus Eq from cloud-based, plug & play applications.

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Lawyers Who Code: Andrew Darnton (profile)
Jack - 18/04/2018
Andrew Darnton

Andrew Darnton is a former commercial real estate lawyer, who now works at legal engineering business SYKE as a Consultant Automation and CLM Specialist. He helps law firms and businesses to procure and implement legal technology.

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Chris Sykes: Legal Geek of the Week
Jack - 17/04/2018
Chris Sykes

Whilst practising as a solicitor in criminal defence, Chris Sykes would, on occasion, find himself described as ‘the scruffiest lawyer in Manchester’ by his wife.

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Richard Tromans: Semantics in Legal Technology
Jack - 16/04/2018
Richard Tromans

“Language is always evolving. Grammar changes slowly, but because humans keep inventing new things and our culture keeps moving forward, new vocabulary pops into existence on an almost weekly basis”, Richard Tromans writes for Legal Geek.

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#LegalTech v #LawTech – WTF?
Jack - 11/04/2018

Do you say LawTech or LegalTech? Richard Susskind, Richard Tromans, Joanna Goodman and Jimmy Vestbirk debate which portmanteau is best for the legal technology sector.

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Start-Up Alley: ThoughtRiver
Jack - 10/04/2018
Thought River

Contract intelligence platform ThoughtRiver were part of the start-up alley at the 2017 Legal Geek Conference. We caught up with founder & CEO Tim Pullan to hear how their technology saves clients time and to better visualise risk.

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