8 things to know before Legal Geek North America
Jack - 28/05/2019

Coming to Legal Geek North America on the June 25th? Here’s our recipe for having an inspiring and informative day.

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5 reasons why you need to be at Legal Geek North America
Jack - 20/05/2019

Legal Geek is hosting its first ever international conference in New York on June 25th, here are 5 reasons you need to be there.

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What’s the buzz about Legal Geek North America?
Legal Geek - 13/05/2019

The Legal Geek ship will soon be setting sail for New York and our first-ever conference overseas. We’re busy making final preparations for the June 25th event in Brooklyn, but you can hear the thoughts of the LegalTech community in New York who are all getting excited.

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The Legal Geek bet which became a Legal Design Challenge
Jack - 13/05/2019
Legal Design Challenge - DWF Ventures

Read about a bet made between two delegates at the 2018 Legal Design Geek conference which recently blossomed into a real-world Legal Design Challenge held at DWF’s London headquarters.

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What is the Legal Geek Academy?
Jen - 30/04/2019

At Legal Geek we love organising events covering a whole host of subjects, but sometimes it is nice to do a deeper dive on a specific topic. So we have created a sister arm, the Legal Geek Academy. Find out more.

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How to nail a speaker slot – the Mark Cohen way
Jack - 23/04/2019
Mark A Cohen - Legal Mosaic

Mark Cohen is the headline speaker at Legal Geek North America on 25th June and he has shared his top tips for public speaking with Legal Geek.

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