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RegTech WTF?

RegTech, like, WTF dude? It’s hard to place exactly when RegTech became it’s own ‘-tech’. Our resident tech terminologist Gary (who is a dog) places it at about the time FinTech went mainstream. But when exactly did FinTech go mainstream? Gary can’t answer that question, and few could. What we do know is that the […]

Written by on June 25, 2018

#LegalTech v #LawTech – WTF?

Do you say #LawTech or #LegalTech? Or both? Or neither? Does it actually matter? At Legal Geek we feel the industry is a little divided over which portmanteau it prefers, with our desktop analytics suggesting that #LegalTech is more prevalent than #LawTech, by a smidge. Stats from Twitter for the last 7 days are below: […]

Written by on April 11, 2018

Legal Design WTF?

Legal Design, like, WTF dude? Legal design is one of those things which makes so much sense it’s incredible to think it’s a relatively new kid on the LawTech block. But it’s a growing movement within our industry with the potential to deliver enormous benefits not just to the to legal profession but to the everyday […]

Written by on March 22, 2018

Hackathon WTF?

Quick Links: Conference |  Startup Map  Hackathon, like, WTF dude? Have you ever thought a ‘hackathon’ wasn’t for you, because you’re not a hacker? If so, then join the club. At Legal Geek, we hadn’t even attended a hackathon before holding our first one in March 2016 but we’re now BIG fans. At our last hackathon we […]

Written by on February 19, 2018


SEIS, like, WTF dude? If you are launching a start-up in the UK today – right this minute perhaps – then these four letters: SEIS, are your new best friend. Why? Because qualifying for SEIS (or the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) means your start-up becomes an even more attractive proposition to investors than it already […]

Written by on February 1, 2018

Blockchain WTF?

Blockchain, like, WTF dude? ‘Blockchain’ is one of the biggest buzzwords in LegalTech. And this year, we predict it’s going mainstream. Everyone from May to Macron to Meghan Markle will be talking about it. But what actually is it, and what does it mean? The trusty Oxford English Dictionary can’t help us on this occasion, only […]

Written by on January 10, 2018