How to: Optimise your LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the foremost social network for business in the world. Last year the platform passed the 500-million-member mark, of which approximately 24 million are based in the UK, but how many of us are getting the most out of it?

We wanted to learn a bit more about it so we invited LinkedIn Account Director Rosie Lowrie to the Legal Geek HQ to play Mario Kart, meet the office dog Gary and talk all things LinkedIn. The three videos below each offer a snackable snippet of advice on how to maximise your presence on this important platform for LegalTech professionals.

1. Top tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

First impressions can count for a lot in life, and it’s the same on LinkedIn.

2. Optimise your profile on LinkedIn

Don’t let your profile gather dust, get out there and make it work for you and your company.

3. Can you go incognito on LinkedIn?

Ever wondered this? Us too, so we asked.


Rosie Lowrie

Rosie Lowrie: Rosie is an Account Director at LinkedIn and helps agencies in the automotive industries leverage the power of LinkedIn’s marketing solutions.



Gary: Gary is the office dog who has a suspicious interest in Mario Kart only when the camera’s rolling.


Jack Zorab

Jack Zorab: Jack is Legal Geek’s head of content. He is a fan of over-sized Legal Geek tee-shirts, and the worst Mario Kart racer since Gary.


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