Mentorship program launches with 110 matches in 14 countries!

Last night we hosted a kick off for the second Legal Geek Women in LawTech mentorship program. Spooky timing – on our way to the event we read the front page of the Evening Standard which highlighted sexism in the legal profession and suggested 9 ways to combat this, one was mentorship!

This cohort of the Legal Geek program, spearheaded by Ivy Wong from Lexoo and hosted at Eagle Labs LawTech incubator, matched 110 mentors and mentees from 14 different countries including the Netherlands, the UAE, Portugal, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, US, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa and Azerbaijan. After the first cohort, we learnt the importance of male and female mentors and this year we matched a number of male mentors with mentees. Signup to participate in future programs.

We kicked off the night with lessons from the previous mentors and mentees. Including Christie Guimond who gave 3 top tips: 1. Listen 2. Plan 3. have fun. Maeve Lavelle and Sorcha Boyce reinforced the importance of listening and research.

We then bounced to two workshops, one for mentors and one for mentees. During these sessions, we crowdsourced the best practices for both Mentors and Mentees. Here are the results:

What makes a good mentee:

What makes a good mentor:

What makes a good mentee for women in tech


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