5 reasons why you need to be at Legal Geek North America

Following the success of our London conference doubling in size in each of the past three editions [500 ⇒ 1000 ⇒ 2000], we are hosting our first ever international conference in New York on June 25th, less than 2 months at the time of writing!

Here’s why you need to be there:

1. Short, sharp talks

We think the most interesting parts of a half-hour speech can be summarised in less than 10 minutes. Which is why we only give our speakers 8 minutes to get their points across! It makes the ‘conference’ elements of our events fast, furious, short and very sharp. Check out the full speaker list.

2. No futurists

We’ve seen such change in LawTech in the past 5 years that stargazing beyond the next 5 years seems totally pointless. Our speakers focus on LegalTech and innovation that is changing the way legal services are being delivered right now, and how they could change in the very immediate future.

3. It’s about you, not vendors

We’re about creating amazing experiences for our delegates. In New York, we’ve limited ourselves to 3 sponsors, all of whom back our approach and add their own value to our events. Thanks, Tessian, Thomson Reuters and Clifford Chance for making the event happen 🙂

4. We seek sustainability 

We’re committed to reducing the impact of our events so Legal Geek North America will reduce waste [#gagtheswag]. That means no goody bag with plastic throwaways, so please bring your own paper and pen. Read more about how Legal Geek is making impactful events less impacting.

5. We care about our suppliers and keep it local

We’re staging a global event on the doorstep of the New York legal sector, just down the road from where the Legal Hackers movement started. All food and coffee will be supplied by small businesses local to the area and volunteers from Brooklyn Law School will help you navigate the day. 

Can you find a reason to be in New York on June 25th? Learn more: www.legalgeek.co/north-america

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