What’s the buzz about Legal Geek North America?

The Legal Geek ship will soon be setting sail for New York and our first-ever conference overseas. And whilst we’re busy making final preparations for the June 25th event in Brooklyn, the LegalTech community in New York is getting excited too.

Here’s a round-up of the chatter from ticket-holders, sponsors and speakers in the news and on social media.

Thomson Reuters

They said what?

Catherine Krow, CEO of Digitory Legal: Legal Geek curates its speakers and content carefully, so the information I learned from those talks has helped Digitory stay at the forefront of industry change. Today, I still think back to last year’s presentations when I make business decisions and plan for the future.”


Mark CohenMark Cohen, Legal Mosaic:“The first time I spoke at the Legal Geek London event, I was blown away by the vibe. It was so different from any legal event I had been to anywhere. It was fun, informative, and lively — I called it “Law’s Woodstock.” I’m delighted the show will now play in Brooklyn. Should be a big hit!”


Noah Waisberg, Kira Systems: “One thing I love about the London Legal Geek events is that attendee badges only give names, not companies or roles. The person you’re talking to could be a partner at a law firm, a sales person from a competitor, head of legal innovation at a corporate player. (I had conversations with all of these at the London event.) I expect the same in Brooklyn.”


Jason Moyse

Jason Moyse, Co-Founder of Law Made: “The best thing about Legal Geek is that it brings out the Magic Circle and Wall Street crowd and puts them in the same room as the garage guys with nary a tinge of irony. Everyone is equally relevant.”


Above The Law

They said what?

“To put a tagline on the event, it is designed for both technologists and lawyers (both in-house and private practice) to learn about what legal technology is out there and how (not why) it can help you right now.”



They said what?

Mark CohenMark Cohen, Legal Mosaic: “Technology alone will not disrupt legal services. Technology is a catalyst for legal delivery transformation and a foundational element for new delivery models, but a tech tool alone will not disrupt the industry. What will? New delivery models that are customer-centric, agile, aligning providers with the clients/customers they serve.”















They said what?

Joanna Goodman: “Unlike conventional legal and legal tech conferences, Legal Geek is not about selling. The focus is on making connections and learning from each other in a positive, friendly environment. Legal Geek has a published ethos around mutual respect. This is not just altruistic: networking is one of the fastest and most effective business drivers.”



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