How much is invested in Law Tech?

At Legal Geek we often get asked:

“How much is invested in LawTech every year?”

So we thought we would have a look at the stats.

Show me the money in Law Tech

The Legal Geek Start-Up Map tracks the emergence of 250+ start-ups and scale-ups across Europe. It also tracks how much money has been invested over the past 6 years. In that time 91 start-ups and scale-ups on the start-up map have received investments totalling £306 million. The highest funding figure invested in a single company was £49,100,000 million whilst the smallest was £15,000. It is important to remember that almost half of the companies to receive funding, did so across multiple funding rounds.

Legal Geek Startup Map

The companies receiving funding were split geographically between ten territories. The UK is home to the greatest number of companies (on our map) to receive investment with a whopping 44. Second, are the Nordic countries with 13 (Sweden = 5; Finland = 4; Denmark = 2; Norway = 2); third is Spain with 10; then France on 9; Germany and the Netherlands with 4 each; and Israel and Estonia with 1 each.

Where the money is invested [geographically]

Geographic LawTech Investment Piechart


How investment increased over the period 2012-2019

LegalTech Investment Levels

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The journey continues and this data does not include the latest raise by Tessian who recently raised over $42 million from Sequoia in a series B investment. We will have to get a bigger calculator for next year…

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