Collaborating to make impactful events less impacting

** Update: please remember to bring your own water bottle and coffee cup to the Legal Geek Conference to help reduce waste. We are building water refill stations and coffee cup cleaning stations. **

Statement from New York: For our Legal Geek North America Conference we are not giving out any SWAG bags or lanyards. We are also using recyclable cups and local independent coffee and food suppliers.

Events create lots of waste, and we think there must be a better way. We often suggest lawyers should collaborate, and why shouldn’t event organisers do the same on important issues? So we have teamed up with Janders Dean to reduce waste at our respective events. We are looking at becoming a carbon neutral event and plan to share our lessons collaboratively.

Putting recycling facilities on site doesn’t make an event green. As we know there are the 3Rs of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Legal Geek itself hasn’t done as well as we could have. But starting today we want to set a gold standard for the legal event industry.

Janders Dean share the same passion for lowering the environmental impact of legal events and together we are making a pledge to go greener. This isn’t a corporate tie-up, we are both doing this because we believe it’s the correct and responsible approach for an event organiser to take. We also know how important this issue is to everyone who attends our events.

We may not get things exactly right but we will continuously improve as we work towards our ultimate goal of staging killer events, that are also carbon neutral. And one day, who knows, maybe carbon positive.

But we can’t achieve this by ourselves. We need the help and support of everyone who attends our events. We ask for you to be open to our initiatives and to inform us if you have any ideas of your own on how we can make our events greener.

You can let us know what you think by getting behind the campaign on social media, using the hashtags:



Or by emailing us your thoughts to Legal Geek: [email protected] [yes it is .co] and Janders Dean:[email protected] We will be updating you on the progress of this via social media and our blog.