Why Brooklyn?

The Beastie Boys didn’t sleep ’til they got there; Godzilla died trying to get there; the Beckhams named their first born after it and the legendary Legal Hackers group was founded there back in 2012 🙂

And now, Legal Geek is adding it’s stamp to Brooklyn’s rich history by hosting our North America Conference at Bklyn Studios, 415 Albee Square West Brooklyn, NY 11201.

So why Brooklyn?

We make our events feel different to any other legal conference out there. Not for the sake of being different but to create a different, exciting and collaborative event experience.

This is why actors dressed as hedges offered hugs to delegates on arrival at our 2017 conference. It’s why we host silent-disco style debates. It’s why we host our London conference in a warehouse in hipsterville (Shoreditch). And it’s why we start all our events with high-fives (and hugs if you want to) and end with law firm rock bands, in collaboration with LawRocks!

Taking the New York conference to Brooklyn is part of that process.  The amazing ‘Bklyn Studios’ provides the right vibe to deliver a true Legal Geek experience.

How do I get there?

Super simple. The venue’s subway stations connect with the A, C, F, 2, 3, B, D, N, Q, and R trains. And for those driving there is a dedicated car-drop off lane 🙂

Here are some estimated travel times from different parts of Manhattan:

From the Financial District:
  • 15 mins by Subway
  • 30 mins in a taxi

From SoHo:

  • 20 mins by Subway
  • 30 mins in a taxi
From Midtown:
  • 25 minutes by Subway
  • 30-45 mins in a taxi

Here are some teaser photos to get you excited

Legal Geek Lego Serious Play 2

We can’t wait to see you there!

Legal Geek North America