How To Innovate Without Technology

This article was originally published in the 2018 Legal Geek Conference Magazine. 


Richard Mabey

Richard Mabey is the CEO of Juro, an end-to-end contract management tool which Deliveroo and Skyscanner use to make contracts faster, smarter and more human. In this article Richard discusses the value in getting away from technology as part of an effective innovation process. 

Who’s the best tech company in the world? Probably Google, right? So how do they innovate in legal? The same way they innovate everywhere else: with a design sprint. No tech required: just a brief, some user research, 5-7 stakeholders and a deck. Most importantly, lots of whiteboards, markers, post-its, sellotape and scissors. AI and blockchain hype not welcome.

The 5 steps

When done, review the sprint and decide what you’ve learned from your failures, which elements worked, and which elements could be implemented now. Every sprint should have actionable outcomes for product development.

Legal Geek Conference 2017: Juro won Startup Award
Richard Mabey and Juro won the Start-up Pitching Award at the 2017 Legal Geek Conference.

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