Lawyers Who Code: Richard Burnham – Profile

Richard BurnhamRichard Burnham is a solicitor at Ronald Fletcher Baker and has recently launched LegalTech project Eallium CMS. Eallium is a case management system designed to act as a “firm in a box” that helps smaller firms increase their efficiency.

What kick-started your interest in coding?

It really took off when I started developing video games as a hobby, about 4 and a bit years ago. I had to learn to code in C# to use the game engine Unity. My brother (who is also my business partner) is a software developer so I picked up a lot of what I know from him. Since then it has been impossible to do my legal job without thinking how my coding skills could be applied to the legal profession!

How does coding help you as a lawyer?

Mostly by increasing the efficiency of administrative tasks, by creating applications that can auto generate certain documents, act as task managers or automate administrative tasks. It allows “non-legal” work to be completed much more efficiently, which allows the savings to be passed onto clients and creates more time for pure legal work. This is essentially why I started working on my case management system project Eallium.

How many years have you been able to code?

Around 4 years.

What languages can you code in?

C#, HTML, Game Maker Language (GML) and a small amount of Python.