Lawyers Who Code: Anna Kim – Profile
Jack - 18/03/2018
Lawyers Who Code

Legal Geek is compiling a ‘hack-book’ of lawyers and legaltechies who code. If you code, or are learning to code, we would love to include you in our ‘hack-book’. Drop us a line via [yes it is .co].

Anna KimAnna Kim is a former associate and general counsel lawyer. Her current role is Senior Consultant at boutique legal consultancy KorumLegal. She first learned to code in 1999 and can code in Java, C++, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

What similarities are there between coding and the law?

“On a fundamental level, I think things like being able to think in systems, respect for internal logic and coherency and having an eye and patience for finding elegant solutions to problems (e.g. DRY code) – apply to both coding and contract drafting and negotiation. There is a lot of crossover in terms of those types of skills.

How has coding helped you in your career?

“Both understanding the software development process and being a lawyer gives me certain insights into the needs of legal practitioners and how those needs can be met by using the technology stacks available. Also, my training in math and IT helps me understand and keep abreast of the new technology that’s affecting the legal profession and the world in general.”


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