One Month on: #LegalGeek 2017 Soundbites from the Start-Up Alley

Forgive us for looking backwards but it’s one month on from the Legal Geek Conference 2017 and we’re coming over all misty eyed at how epic you all made this year’s edition. 

It really was a blast and we hope you enjoyed it as much as Tom, Pieter, James, Garth, and Rob; who we spoke to on the sidelines of the start-up alley. 

Tom Balmer – Head of Platform @ Third Way Legal

“It is our first time at the Legal Geek conference as we only launched 9 months ago. There are not many people here trying to sell, it is more about meeting people who are trying to build similar businesses.

“The speakers have been really interesting, I particularly enjoyed listening to Anthony Waller from CMS as he has a very interesting perspective on start-ups. John Boles from Navigant as well offered an angle on the industry which isn’t often considered.”

Pieter van der Hoeven – CEO @ Clocktimizer

“This isn’t just a UK show, it’s an international event. There are people here from Spain, Canada, from all over. While we have a couple of conferences in the Netherlands, there is nothing with this reach. Here it’s also much more of a meeting place, where people aren’t trying to sell to you. There is genuine interest in who we are, which is much more fun for us.”

James Moore – Founder and Director @ F-LEX

“There are twice as many delegates here compared with last year, and that’s a huge amount of potential clients. There’s also a lot of interesting people who you don’t always come in contact with when you go for a meeting at a law firm, from junior lawyers to CEO’s.”

Garth Watson – Chief Legal Officer @ Libryo

“What I am enjoying most is reconnecting with people I know through Legal Geek. For example, if it had not been for the Legal Geek community we would not have been introduced to one of our investors Dan Jansen at Nextlaw Labs.”

Rob Wilmot – Founder and CEO @ Crowdicity

“There are five of us in my team here and it’s great for us to engage with the legal teams from other companies. I am also currently writing a book on AI so I will be trying to line up interviews from today with people who I might not have been able to meet but who I have heard speak on stage.”