Lawyers Who Code: Youri Cousineau
Legal Geek - 31/08/2018
Lego mushroom

Youri Cousineau works as legal counsel in a large Canadian financial group and is also the founder of Ako Technologies.

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Lawyers Who Code: The Hon. Mr Justice Birss
Legal Geek - 17/07/2018
Colin Birss

The Hon. Mr Justice Birss is the first judge to be featured in our Lawyers Who Code series.

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Lawyers Who Code: Gordon Cassie – Profile
Legal Geek - 18/06/2018

Gordon Cassie is the CTO at Toronto-based Closing Folders, a platform that facilitates collaboration on corporate and commercial legal transactions. He has been coding for approximately a decade.

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Lawyers Who Code: Richard Burnham – Profile
Legal Geek - 06/06/2018
Lego Car

Richard Burnham is a solicitor at Ronald Fletcher Baker and has recently launched LegalTech project Eallium CMS. Eallium is a case management system designed to be a “firm in a box” that helps smaller firms to increase efficiency.

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Lawyers Who Code: Stuart Whittle – Profile
Legal Geek - 30/04/2018
Stuart Whittle

Stuart Whittle is Business Services and Innovation Director and equity partner at Weightmans LLP. He is a member of Weightmans’ Board and is responsible for the HR, IT, Risk and Compliance, Facilities and Business Change departments totalling around 170 people.

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Lawyers Who Code: The LegalTech-preneur
Legal Geek - 18/04/2018
Lawyers Who Code

Taron Khajotia is the founder of Jus Eq (, an early-stage mobile-optimised practise management suite for lawyers. He started learning to code 6 months ago when he couldn’t find the necessary business tools for Jus Eq from cloud-based, plug & play applications.

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Lawyers Who Code: Andrew Darnton – Profile
Legal Geek - 18/04/2018
Andrew Darnton

Andrew Darnton is a former commercial real estate lawyer, who now works at legal engineering business SYKE as a Consultant Automation and CLM Specialist. He helps law firms and businesses to procure and implement legal technology.

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Lawyers Who Code: The Coder-turned-Barrister
Legal Geek - 03/04/2018

Simon Gittins is a former coder who turned to the law and became barrister at 27. He later moved into LegalTech and founded the legal services platform Absolute Barrister, where is the CEO.

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