Lawyers Who Code: Vincenzo Lalli – Profile
Legal Geek - 31/03/2018
Lawyers Who Code

Vincenzo Lalli is the founder of, a network of legal professionals offering legal advice and translation services to non-Italian businesses and individuals in Italy. He started “messing with programming languages” five years ago.

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Lawyers Who Code: Jacques Deguest – Profile
Legal Geek - 23/03/2018
Jacques Deguest

Jacques Deguest is the co-founder & CEO of Angels, Inc, which supports entrepreneurs in Asia. He is a specialist in Japanese corporate law and provides legal services to the start-ups he supports. He can code in Perl, PHP, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle), HTML, CSS and Java.

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Lawyers Who Code: The Coding Student
Legal Geek - 19/03/2018
Ed Goold

Ed Goold is a 34-year-old lawyer who is undertaking a coding course at Makers Academy in London. He is a former Bristows, Nabarro and Allen & Overy solicitor and has also worked as a legal advisor to HM Treasury.

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Lawyers Who Code: Anna Kim – Profile
Legal Geek - 18/03/2018
Lawyers Who Code

Anna Kim is a former associate and general counsel. Her current role is Senior Consultant at boutique legal consultancy KorumLegal. She first coded in 1999 and can code in Java, C++, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

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Lawyers Who Code: Colin Levy – Profile
Legal Geek - 10/03/2018
Lawyers Who Code

Colin Levy is an experienced in-house corporate counsel at publishing house Pearson. He is learning to code in R and Python.

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Lawyers Who Code: The Super Coder
Legal Geek - 06/03/2018

James Moore is not a lawyer who codes. But he is a coder who works in legal tech. He has some superb insights on the benefits of coding for lawyers, and he can also code in an incredible 10 languages.

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Lawyers Who Code: Gil Rosenblum – Profile
Legal Geek - 27/02/2018
Gil Rosenblum

Gil Rosenblum is the head of data at LawGeex, a leading AI contract review company  helping businesses automate the review and approval of everyday contracts. He has been coding since 2007 and can code in Python, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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Lawyers Who Code: The Self-Taught Coder
Legal Geek - 26/02/2018
Self Taught Lawyers who code:

Sergii Shcherbak is a 28-year-old lawyer based in Sweden. Learning to code was never something he intended to do but fate intervened when he was trying to get his LegalTech start-up, Manydox, off the ground in 2016.

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Lawyers Who Code: The Partner-turned-Coder
Legal Geek - 14/02/2018

Alejandra Figueiras is a former managing partner of law firm Figueiras & Fischbach who learned to code in Python at the age of 42 as part of her participation in a data science programme at the Data Incubator in Washington – where she remains the only lawyer to have attended the programme.

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Lawyers Who Code: Natalie Sandpearl – Profile
Legal Geek - 27/01/2018
Natalie Sandpearl

Natalie Sandpearl is a former insolvency solicitor who works at now works for legal engineering business SYKE as a legal document automation specialist and lawyer. She started coding in 2017.

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